£2 Million Pay Off For Big Brand Store

We would all like big brand shops such as Debenhams and House of Fraser to open up in Weston and much has been done over the past few years, especially in recent months at Dolphin Square to encourage this. The reality of the situation is that current policies at these big stores can demand figures of millions of pounds just to open their doors in a new area. Figures of nearly £2 million have been mentioned in connection with Weston, which was presented as a bargain amount and a recognition of Weston’s up and coming status, other towns were asked for far more. North Somerset Council are not in a position to offer retailers this kind of incentive and quite frankly must have other priorities like investing in support services and infrastructure for local residents. We have to accept that until large retailers change their thinking, attracting them will be difficult. However Richard will continue to try to convince them that Weston is the right place for a new store.