‘A Thank You From Residents’

Weston-super-Mare – Ellenborough Park South
Kate and James Jones wrote in to thank us for arranging a contractor to clear the gutters along Ellenborough Park South:
“On behalf of our immediate neighbours at this end of our road, please accept our sincere appreciation for arranging another clean-up of road-sweeping and gutter cleaning. Please convey our thanks to your employee who did the work early on Monday morning, he did a really good job to ensure the rubbish was picked up by his small vehicle and the edges along the park railings were also cleared. It must often seem an endless task to keep our streets cleaned, but we are immensely grateful to be included in your busy schedules; we walked the seafront at the weekend and it was amazing to see how clean the gutters were. Such a credit to your team and Weston-super-Mare seafront really looked like Weston SUPER Mare!”