Battle Against Illegal Parking


Dangerous and inconsiderate parking has reached epidemic levels right across Weston.
I regularly see pedestrians having to walk in the road and people in wheelchairs negotiating traffic, just to avoid cars parked on pavements and crossings. I also see double yellow lines, designed to keep junctions clear, clogged with parked cars and disabled bays abused by non blue badge holders. All this has caused accidents and clearly could be a recipe for a pedestrian fatality. In some areas, at my request, North Somerset Council has been forced to install pavement bollards to protect the public. The only body currently with the legal powers to address this matter is the police, who struggle with time
and resources for parking issues. Right from the beginning I have supported the proposal that the North Somerset Council should step in to fill the gap in an effort to make our pavements and roads safer. Now that the Council has nearly finished successfully negotiating with the police and government to take on these powers and I hope to see a real change for the better very shortly and greater protection for residents and visitors, through robust action against dangerous parking,”