Birnbeck Pier

Over the last year the Pier’s owner Mr Samady has shown a good deal of support for Birnbeck Pier Trust, working closely with them and lending his personal backing to their herculean efforts to save it. I would imagine his latest comments, with an apparent change of direction, would be a blow, however I have learned not to underestimate the Trust’s passion and commitment. We must not forget that in reality Birnbeck Pier is a privately owned site and it would be difficult for anyone to force the owner to make a voluntary joint effort to start any rejuvenation, but I personally hope this is not part of a further delay, which Birnbeck Pier can simply not afford.
My message to Mr Samady is simple: we are all responsible for the property we own and I would encourage you without further delay to address some of the urgent issues and comply with your obligations and any enforcement orders. If housing is your intention, formally place these plans before North Somerset Council, so as part of this process each and every resident can have their say. Above all do something now, before it’s too late. I can only add that if Birnbeck Pier is left to decay and potentially fall into the sea by the current owner, I would imagine that residents would find this difficult to understand or forgive.