Community Champions

Two judges of a scheme which aims to shine the spotlight on Weston’s unsung heroes have spoken about the sense of pride they hope it will create. Community Champions was launched by the Mercury last week and needs readers to nominate people they think are deserving of an award – whether that be for volunteering, fundraising, helping a friend or any other reason. One of the scheme’s judges is chief executive officer of Voluntary Action North Somerset, Cara MacMahon, who says she is excited to be involved in the project. She added “It’s wonderful to have something to recognise the work that people already do but also gives a sense of pride to others who are thinking about volunteering and would say “yes that’s interesting, I might think of doing that”. “It’s really good in terms of recognising people but it is also great to be inspiring people.” The scheme is sponsored by the Nightingale Group and the company’s managing director Richard Nightingale, who is also a councillor said: “During many years working in the local community, I come across people time and time again, who are completely selfless. “They give up their time for free never asking for anything in return. “They underpin many local charitable organisations and are often the unsung heroes of our community. “ These individuals don’t seek recognition and often shy away from the limelight. “Community Champions is designed to celebrate all these people, from the neighbour who checks on the health and wellbeing of an elderly friend, to the person who volunteers for large charity organisations. “Our community needs them and acknowledging their contribution is the very least we can do in return.”


“It is wonderful to have something to recognise the work people already do, but it is also great to be inspiring people” – Cara MacMahon