Weston Crime Figures Rise

Sadly crime has risen across the country in recent years, however in that time Weston has had a lower crime rate than the national average. These new figures show areas that need closer examination and other areas where there have been notable improvements. New changes in the way the Police report crime might well be a factor in such increases. It’s very clear though regardless of any limitation in police resources any increase must be taken very seriously indeed. Working with the Police in the town centre the warden scheme, provided by local businesses, have worked hard not only to offer a visible security presence to deter crime, but have also instigated many arrests. Retailers will be balloted in October regarding whether or not this scheme will continue. If successful I am promised it will be expanded to significantly increase the security wardens. I am sure that this new joined up policing will be a big step forward, enhancing security presence while reducing crime.

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