Level Access Returns to Weston Train Station

The Sunnyside Road level access has returned to give much needed access to our towns biggest train station.

Central Ward Councillor Richard Nightingale says, “this is a victory not only for common sense but a result of mass disgust about the decision to close the level access onto platform 1 at Weston train station. Without it, disabled and physically challenged passengers found it difficult to use the station and with some uncertainty of which platform a train might actually arrive, it undoubtedly caused distress among the very passengers that need that extra help.

People power won the day and my thanks to residents, passengers, the Sea Cadets, Weston Disability Advice Line, the Disability Forum, local businesses, along with North Somerset and Weston Town Council for their support on moving this matter forward. Now Network Rail need to get on with stage two, which is fitting new lifts to both platforms and revamping the rest of the station, without further delay. Our train station is a gateway to our town, it should be welcoming, a pleasure to use and accessible by everyone. This new entrance is a big step forward towards a station we can all be proud of.”