National HIV Testing Week

National HIV testing week kicks off across North Somerset in a couple of weeks (Saturday 19 to Saturday 26 November) to encourage local people to ‘get on-board’ and test for HIV. The HIV test is painless, simple and quick, and the sooner someone with HIV starts treatment, the better it is for their health. Today, if you test positive early enough, effective treatment means you can live as long as anyone else, and when the amount of the virus in your blood is reduced to undetectable levels, this means you cannot pass on HIV. Testing puts you in control and is nothing to be feared. The national campaign is being run by Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) on behalf of HIV Prevention England. THT, along with members of the Weston Integrated Sexual Health (WISH) team and local nurses will be providing free, fast and confidential testing throughout the week:
  • Tuesday 22 November 11am to 3pm, 39 Oxford Street, Weston-super-Mare
  • Wednesday 23 November 11am to 3pm, Princess Royal Square, Weston-super-Mare on-board the purple MAVIS bus
  • Friday 25 November 6 to 9pm, outside Bar CAMEO, Walliscote Road, Weston-super-Mare
  • The WISH clinic will also be providing free HIV testing at their clinic at Weston General Hospital all week. Please call 01934 881 234 for an appointment.
    Locally our latest figures (2015), show that in North Somerset the most probable causes of HIV infection were sex between men and women (43 per cent) and men who have sex with men (41 per cent). And in the same year, the age group with the highest number of people identified with HIV were the over-35s. More than half of all newly-diagnosed patients were diagnosed late.