New Library proves a great success with over 400,000 visitors

Central Ward Councillor Richard Nightingale says, “Weston’s new library at the Town Hall has proved an amazing success. In 2010 our town’s Library service on the Boulevard saw a little under 200,000 visitors, this has more than doubled now the new facility has become established. In my view this is much to do with the location, accessibility and the welcoming modern aspects of the building. When you also consider that there is little ongoing maintenance costs to tax payers because it’s part of the current Council offices, the cost saving over future years should be significant. I personally hope that this new facility will expand even more to embrace some of the other services we are currently lacking in the Town Centre and especially in Central Ward. With Avon and Somerset Police now choosing their site for Weston’s new police station on the dual carriage way, offering to include space for police officers as part of the expanding and successful Town Hall facility would maintain a strong town centre presence, while helping to increase their ability to tackle crime. It could also be used to underpin our currently struggling GP practices by offering other health and practical support for Town Centre residents. I really hope this new facility’s success will be a catalyst for the future development of services in the area.”