Parking for residents and visitors in the town centre.

Limited parking for residents and visitors in the town centre is already a concern. When you add to this the new town centre regeneration programme, I feel it’s of the utmost importance that we try and preserve as many of these parking spaces as possible for residents. While of course also planning to accommodate the influx in shoppers and visitors, due to increase when the regeneration begins. With this in mind, I personally believe that we need to look again at a park and ride for Weston.  A scheme that would welcome people who would like to enjoy our town, which will boost businesses and create employment, while safeguarding limited facilities currently available for residents. Weston has gone from strength to strength over recent years and now the Council plans to facilitate the complete transformation of the town centre, which will open the gates to millions of pounds of private investment.  It’s a very exciting and long awaited milestone in our town’s history, but we must be prepared and we must start planning for our future now. A park and ride could support and promote our towns growth while protecting those who live there. I believe now the time is right for North Somerset to dust off the plans for previous proposals for a park and ride scheme and place it at the heart of the town centre regeneration programme.