‘Anti-social Behaviour Figures Improve in Central Ward

Richard says,”Anti-social behaviour can disrupt and even destroy the quality of life of residents and can damage communities as a whole. These encouraging figures show a huge improvement and this is partially due to some of the joined up work of the local Police, North Somerset Council, other partners and most importantly, local residents. The recent resurgence of Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meetings facilitated by the Council but organised and held by residents have played their part and are designed so everyone is able to share and highlight with the police and other agencies their individual community concerns. I have always supported these meetings and I would encourage as many people to attend as possible. I am sure this community led approach will have a major positive effect on the future of law enforcement in our town. Central Ward’s PACT meetings have a newly elected Chairman, local resident Chris Nettleton, who has made great strides in holding agencies to account. Only by working together can we send a clear message that any anti-social is unacceptable.”