Support and Enforcement Zone

Many town centres across the country suffer from anti-social behaviour issues. Residents will be aware that in previous years Weston has also suffered, to a lesser degree, from similar problems. Groups of people gathered together, behaving inappropriately, can be intimidating and unsettling for residents and tourists alike. Of course it is not just groups, individuals can also behave in the same unacceptable, loud or intimidating manner, clearly this can be worse when alcohol is involved.

The issue has always been that if the law is not being broken, police are often unable to intervene. With these new powers being incorporated as part of my Support and Enforcement Zone proposals for the town centre, everyone will be able to enjoy their visit without feeling uncomfortable. Police can then pre-empt any unacceptable behaviour and take action before the situation escalates. This policy will go a long way to ensure that our town will remain one of the safest in the country to visit. Encouraging more visitors, making the centre a more pleasurable place for residents, while supporting businesses and increasing local employment.