Time for us all to get behind the Tropicana’s redevelopment

Some people say I’m an expert on the Tropicana, I don’t claim to be that, but I do know an awful lot about the site and I do know there are many different places in Weston to build a pool more economically and efficiently!

I’m a huge advocate of more swimming space in our town, which I’m sure you may have noticed over the years…one crowded pool in Weston is simply not enough!

The first thing I did when I got elected was go into the Town Hall and ask “when are we getting a new pool?” They assured me that plans are in place and I have badgered and pestered for it ever since. I’ve seen those plans grow and mature and when I discussed it again with the North Somerset District Council Executive Member just last week, she told me the plans are well progressed, and confirmed there would be an additional large pool, water slides, water rides, serious swimming space and good public transport to the facility.

I also, like most residents, feel strongly about the Tropicana. I want to see a new lease of life breathed into this important site. The District Council are attempting to do this and I very much support their efforts. It is important that we do not hinder this transformation.

Now I probably have more reason than most to be embittered about the Tropicana story. However I am not prepared to live in the past. We need to move forward and look toward the future, I know from personal experience the path to regenerate this site will be long and difficult, but we are now well on our way. That is why we must offer every support we can muster to revitalise the Tropicana, without placing any obstacles in its path.

Cllr Richard Nightingale