Welcome Funds Secured for Weston Healthcare

Funds have now been secured for a much-needed boost in our town’s health care.

Central Ward Councillor Richard Nightingale says, “when I was first elected as a Councillor a few short years ago, I was provided with the appalling statistic that due to living conditions, some residents of Central ward will die 10 years younger than those who live in other areas of North Somerset.

A very little-known statistic at the time but one, after persistent campaigning, is now widely acknowledged as far away as Whitehall. It is also a fact that kept me awake at night, the scandal of the almost forgotten residents of Central ward, was and is nothing short of unacceptable.”

Cllr Richard Nightingale has spoken with the Weston, Worle and Somerset Mercury – “I can’t tell your readers how pleased I am for residents that this substantial amount of £3.2 million, more than I had originally asked for, to begin reversing decades of neglect is destined for the ward. 

I have contacted the Clinical and Commissioning Group to make sure that this money is allocated immediately and also to receive a commitment that some of this funding will be used to urgently complete the much-needed Central Ward Health and Community Hub. On the back of this there must now be a reinvigorated effort to increase living standards and prosperity in the area, to make our town one we can all be proud of.”