Weston-super-Mare town centre regeneration

I very much welcome the substantial investment due to be made in our Town Centre. Weston has come so far in recent years and this latest investment is not only a show of confidence, it will help to guarantee Weston’s future.
Town Centre Regen
The Council’s vision to make our town a year round destination, supported by financial investment, will be good for local business, visitors and job creation. I also welcome the conversion and building of quality accommodation and I am glad it has been recognised that these need to include a good proportion of starter homes and that major residential sites should include their own parking, so as not to increase the burden on current residents. Residential developments, though important, are not enough on their own, we also need to support and expand both our leisure and retail elements. That is why we must look closely at projects, especially Dolphin Square, to make sure we insist developers include the right priorities.